Friday, 18 November 2011

The Salmon House up on the Hill

Upscale and boasting a magnificent view of the Burrard Inlet, The Salmon House is an unforgettable West Coast experience. Located in the luxurious West Vancouver at 2229 Folkestone Way, it's not exactly easy to find in the hilly North Shore of the Lower Mainland. But, it was Allison's birthday and I wasn't going to let some hills ruin that.

Grilled Tostadas with Dungeness Crab

For starters, we had the house sampler, $17.50, the Manhattan-style seafood chowder, $8, and two freshly-shucked Fanny Bay oysters on the half-shell, $6, which came with salmon caviar and vodka jelly - delicious.

The house sampler included scallops wrapped with smoked wild salmon, smoked Fanny Bay oysters and a prawn and salmon spring roll, each decorated with a variety of garnishes and edible veggies.

While the dishes were a delight to see, they weren't exactly filling for what we paid. Allison filled up on appies and small plates like the Grilled Tostadas with Dungeness Crab, $13.50, I ordered the Folkestone Feast Bowl, a collection of seafood tossed into a rich and flavourful tomato broth, at $32.50. But wow did it taste good.

Folkestone Feast Bowl

Compared to a similar bowl I had in Stanley Park, this one really hit the spot. The broth was not only delicious, it had a nice, thick texture with enough punch to hit every single one of my taste buds. Definitely made the big price a lot easier to digest.

In the end, I wasn't entirely full after leaving the restaurant, but the excellent service, the delicious food, great decor and clear effort the chef puts into each and every plate made the experience an unforgettable one.

Just don't forget to visit the ATM on your way in.

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