Friday, 23 March 2012

Hyde Restaurant

The wall pictures range from pasted clothes, guns and flowers, to funky clocks.

Straddle up your skinny jeans and American Apparel hoodie because we're going to Main St! 2960 Main St., Hyde Restaurant was where we ended up. We were looking for a cool burger joint and we stumbled across this restaurant, Michael has been before for a work event, but he didn't think much of it.

Pound of BBQ wings with ranch sauce

Hyde is a funky little restaurant with a paintings tacked throughout the walls and funky decorations behind the wall. The decor reminds me of Urban Outfitters, one of my favourite places to shop, and I think this is what it would look like if it was a restaurant. Michael and I shared the starter pound of wings with BBQ sauce and ranch dripping sauce for $9. I've had quite a few wings, and must admit, these were pretty good. Not only were they juicy - with lots of meat - the sauce just gave the right touch to it and the creamy ranch dipping was great. They weren't too dry either, but sure was a mess to eat!

The White Rabbit burger - rabbit not included

Hyde's burger selections allowed a choice of chicken, beef or veggie patty. I liked that they give you an option on what kind of patty you get, especially because they don't leave out non-meat eaters. Michael had The White Rabbit burger - no rabbits inside - for $12 which had bacon, cheddar, and BBQ sauce, encasing a delicious a beef patty, with fries on the side. Michael especially liked the homemade patty, describing it as a fall-apart goodness. It was exactly how he wanted it.

Tokyo Burger

As for myself I had Tokyo Burger for $11 with added cheese for $1. The Tokyo Burger was a concoction of shoe string yam tempura, wasabi mayo, and chopped nori. I asked for the chicken patty. I thought the burger itself was quite the mouthful, I really had to work my way into the goodness in the center, but ended up being a little disappointed because I couldn't taste the wasabi mayo nor the chopped nori. They were both clearly visible though. Aside from that, the chicken patty was also a little bland tasting, especially with so much happening inside the burger. When I finally got to the yam tempura, it was bliss. There was a nice crunch to it and the sweetness of the yam was nice, not to mention it's something different to find in a burger. I took the fries on the side, which I later regretted - I wanted the salad instead. We both thought the fries were okay but it wasn't as well seasoned as it looked. On the outside it looked strongly seasoned with salt and pepper, but once it reaches your taste buds, there was the shocking realization they were regular fries.

A cute way to present the rising price of food :)

One of the highlights of our experience was, surprisingly, the bill. It came to us in the cutest way, instead of coming out of an average black cheque booklet, it came in a tea cup and saucer! How creative and how cute! The total came to $42 including tip. I actually wouldn't mind going back there to give their other things a try on the menu, especially a poutine that was taken pass me in the restaurant and looked to die for. Also the pizzas and ahi tuna melt really caught my eye on the menu. I'll see you later Hyde.

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