Friday, 18 May 2012

Tomahawk Restaurant

A novelty gift shop, Canadian map place mats, all day breakfast and a First Nations theme defined our experience today at the award-winning Tomahawk on the North Shore. It's somewhere that I've been wanting to go to ever since I saw it on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri. When I saw one of my favourite Food Network hosts, John Catucci, take a try himeself, I thought to myself now I really have to go!

Tomahawk is located at 1550 Phillip Ave, North Vancouver. The exterior of the place looks nothing like an ordinary restaurant and it blends in with a residential neighbourhood. The totem poles in the front are what you'll have to look for to find the place.

Once you step inside in to the restaurant there is a counter where you can purchase little novelty items such as t-shirts, hats, and a rubber duck. The restaurant decor gives the diner a cozy homely feeling, with lots of First Nations style decorations, such as dream catchers, masks, drums, and many other interesting items. When you sit down at your table, the place mat is a map laid out that shows the different parts of B.C. and how the rest of Canada relates to our fabulous province.

I had the Yukon Style bacon and eggs from the all day breakfast menu for $11.95 and thought the meal was pretty good.  I was served with four pieces of toast buttered to perfection, five round slices of bacon, egg whites and instead of hash browns I got French fries. Yum! I loved the toast, it was so fluffy and soft and it went so well with the generous amount of butter that arrived already slathered on. The bacon was interesting, it tasted like a regular piece of bacon but it was in a circular shape. It was little dry to my liking, but it paired nicely with my toast. The egg tasted good, nothing too special, after all they are just eggs. The French fries were nice and crispy and I poured a generous amount of vinegar. Absolute perfection!

Michael had the Salisbury Steak for $15.20 which was a beef steak served with mashed potatoes with beef gravy and veggies on the side. Michael thinks the beef was around 7 or 8 ounces, a generous portion considering everything else on the plate. The beef was very tasty, and inside were onions and other veggies with seasoning. Nicely marinated and easy to chew - can't beat that. The mashed potatoes were served in a huge portion, I was lucky enough to try some, it was creamy, soft and had texture. It was clearly home made and it went really well with the rich creamy gravy. Everything was so well seasoned. Michael didn't have room left for the seasonal veggies that came with the dish though. Maybe next time.

After today, we would love to come back to Tomahawk, there are so much more things we would like to try on the menu and see their heaping amount of serving sizes. Today’s lunch affair was treated by my fabulous aunt and we would both like to say thank you to her. Michael says its his treat next time! 

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