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We dropped by Bimini's for a quick bite while running errands near this Kitsilano gem the other week. I've always wanted to try the place out ever since its reopening late last year.

That slick, bright atmosphere seems always present.

This modern-looking pub at 2010 W 4th Ave is actually decades old and known as Vancouver's first licenced neighbourhood watering hole. It was burned down in an accident a few years ago, just days before its grand-reopening. The story goes, workers were going through the final touches of some extensive renovations and had taken a quick break. Nobody noticed, but some of the brand new lighting was too close to a set of plastic construction drapes. The plastic caught fire, and a dream was nearly crushed.

More renovations ensued. I was told by its 2011 opening, the latest owner - the Donnelly Group - had spent about $3 million on the place. Its charms also stack to its expense. I didn't see any advertisements for it, but I was told an underground creek, still flowing, runs directly underneath the building and could threaten to collapse a weak foundation. Remedying that added to the cost.

A little bit about the restaurant

For our snack, Allison and I ordered a simple light lunch of Pub Burgers and Yam Fries. Though they were neatly presented, I ended up wishing I'd ordered the more adventurous options, such as the Grilled Flat Iron Steak Sandwich or the Oyama York Ham and Swiss Cheese "croque madame" Sandwich. Next time, perhaps.

Pub Sliders

The pub burgers were a delight. Grass fed chuck steak patties, butter lettuce, tomato, crispy pancetta, B.C. farmstead cheddar and caramelized onion all topped with mini buns. What's not to like? Even the pickles were delicious.

Yam Fries

The yam fries appeared to be seasoned with real salt from the sea, always a bonus to taste that good stuff. It came with a chipotle lime dip that wasn't too spicy but added a little bit of fire to the sweet potatoes. Some pubs tend to overcook their fries, but these were well-made, juicy and thick cut. The dish was also presented with style, giving Bimini's a very gastro-pub kind of feel.

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