Monday, 13 August 2012

Portland Craft

You know when you're eating on Main Street when they play Postal Service music. Michael and I ate at Portland Craft at 3835 Main St., since we decided to put off a real trip to Oregon - we just had to go to Portland in a different way.

Organic beer

The restaurant has a Portland vibe, I am not sure how I could explain that but it certainly does a give a relaxed-pub kind of feeling. Their drinks is up on a wall that overlooks the restaurant and many of their beers are Oregon classics, I don't have much of a beer knowledge but I certainly think it was pretty cool. Michael got a pale ale, his favourite, and I got an organic beer. How healthy.

Portland Craft's drinks selection

Their menu really gave off the Oregon vibe, many of their selection reminded us of food carts, a Portland specialty, and served tasties like sugar dusted doughnuts. There were so many goodies on the menu, but in the end we decided to just order some appetizers to share together. That way, we get a taste of everything.

Salt n Pepper wings

We shared Salt n Pepper wings ($10) which was served with salt and pepper of course. But we really couldn't taste the pepper and the saltiness was really faint. The wings weren't greasy at all though, which was fabulous. And we got a Caribbean-inspired dipping sauce on the side, but it was so hot it I was reaching for the water the whole time. On the side it came with a slaw made of  carrots with habanero hot sauce. Such a delight to eat, crunchy from the carrots and refreshing from the sauce, making for a sweet and tangy flavour, what a delight to eat on a hot summer day.

House Frites

Next, I was dying to try the House Frites ($6) since it was fries seasoned with smoked paprika with a roasted garlic aioli on the side for dipping. Michaels thoughts were that it tasted a bit too herby. But I felt a little disappointed since I thought they were going to taste super-seasoned from the paprika, but found out that perhaps they could've used a dash more.

Sausage and green tomato pizza

Last, we shared the Daily Pizza ($9) there was a choice between meat or veggie, of course Michael chose meat. I really liked the pizza, the one thing I miss the most from Italy is pizza and I have been searching high and low for pizza that has been close enough to what I ate in Italy. Well let me say Portland Craft almost reached a full 10/10 for me. The pizza was nice and thin, served with sausage and green tomatoes. The sausages tasted really fresh there was a slight crunch noise when I bite in to it and the green tomatoes tasted really sweet. Just a little bit tomato sauce and thicker cheese would've made it perfect.

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