Monday, 27 August 2012

Stackhouse Burger Bar

After spending a week out of town, it was nice to spend the day with Michael in Downtown Vancouver. We had a marvellous lunch and went on a brief shopping venture afterwards. I've passed by Stackhouse on my way to downtown many times, but never got the chance to stop and check it out.

We read the menu online and it looked like they serve their burgers in a chic way, and Michael got really excited after he read that they served deep fried ice cream. This trendy burger bar is located at the tip of party strip in downtown Vancouver on 1224 Granville St.

Bright walls bring out the natural lighting

Stackhouse looked like it belonged somewhere in Soho in New York. Similar to another Vancouver burger joint, this place had a look of modernness and hip feel to it, like a trendy loft warehouse type of place in NYC, decorated with funky pictures and decorations around the place. I would say they have about 15 tables or so, but the restaurant was pretty quiet when we got there.

Since getting off the plane earlier in the day I was pretty hungry, and I would say Michael was hungry as well, since he's always hungry. Michael and I were torn with so many options, and all their burger sounded so delicious. I was torn between ahi tuna burger, with avocado, miso aioli, and served on a brioche bun.

Chicken burger

But I changed my mind and went with the chicken burger ($15), free range meat served with camembert cheese, truffle aioli, butter lettuce and squished between brioche bun halves. The truffle aioli was perfect. Though it sounds creamy, the burger tasted really refreshing, and the tomatoes and butter lettuce taste really fresh and did overlap with the creaminess from the aioli and cheese. I think there was a pinch of sea salt added too, which provided an extra taste I didn't expect. The taste just came out time to time after a bite. I loved that my burger was served with Camembert cheese instead of regular cheese. My best friend first introcued me in to Camembert cheese awhile ago when we were in Paris together, so now whenever I eat Camembert I always think of her. Also I'd like to add the chicken was ever so juicy.

Stackhouse (prime rib) burger
Michael was torn with a decision, the Kobe burger or the Stackhouse Burger? He eventually went for the Stackhouse, a tasty little devil was served with 6.5 ounces of prime rib patty with panchetta, portabellini, Guinness cheddar, with chipotle aioli and butter lettuce, on a brioche bun. Michael especially liked how  a large mushroom was used instead of the usual smaller scatter. He thought the burger was really tasty but thought it was weird the standard pickle was missing.

A proper-sized side of tasty fries

Michael and I were both amazed at how juicy these burgers were, when we took our fist bites, a splash of juice kept running down to our plates. We both got fries on the side, and these fries tasted so fresh, all crispy on the outside fluffy in the inside. In the end we were so full we couldn't bare to think of that deep fried ice cream. Michael was a little disappointed though, but we will come back next time for sure.

I can't wait to come back with Michael already. And also on a side note, I walked a by a soon-to-open Smokies Poutinerie when we walked to some stores on the other end of Granville Street. We must go and try it when it opens, allez! allez!

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