Sunday, 19 August 2012

Treat Dessert House

Life is too short to not eat dessert, so why not spend a fine Thursday night and devour some dessert. We searched high and low for a decent dessert place in Richmond that was opened late. Michael and his sister Sharon came across Treat Dessert located at 8111 Anderson Rd. When we arrived, we were greeted by surprisingly a security guard.

When we walked in I felt it smelled like a sushi restaurant. Well I can't complain there, I love sushi. From the looks of the place, it seemed like a big restaurant but it a big part of the place was cut off. I wonder what's on the other side?

Iced mocha

Their menu is self explanatory, cakes, homemade gelato, cookies, a small selection of appetizers like fries and dumplings, and a drinks menu, with milkshakes, tea and coffees. Michael and I chose to have the iced mocha ($3.96). The iced mocha was thicker then I thought would be and was rather too sweet. Michael thought his mocha wasn't sweet and liked the thick texture.


For dessert, Michael got his favourite, the Tiramisu ($5.26) served in a glass. It looked like a coffee. He thought it was creamy and enjoyed the hard crust layer at the bottom and the biscuit on top. He also liked the coffee powder sprinkled on top. I had a taste, but Tiramisu isn't my favourite dessert. Michael thought his Tiramisu tasted really good and would give it a sold 8.5 out of 10. I feel like I've had better Tiramisu before. Sharon also agreed with me, there was a little too much cream and not enough biscuits in there.

As for myself, Sharon and I decided to share something together. We were uncertain what we wanted and took awhile to decide. Finally we decided to get the Green Tea Chiffon Cake ($5.26). From my previous experience with a Green Tea Chiffon Cake at Berry Good, where I thought the chiffon cake was too heavy. I thought the same order here was moist and had a good strong green tea taste. The cream was light and balanced out with the moist cake itself.
Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Sharon thought the cake's cream had a good green tea taste. There was also red bean in the middle, but she wasn't sure if that was a good pairing for two. We had a fun night bonding with each other tonight and Michael thought the prices are pretty good for what they serve. But all three of us agree it's not a must return location.

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