Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Guu Original

Many people rave about Guu but I hesitated going with Michael because their dishes are quite small. Guu serves many Japanese tapas that taste spectacular, but the most of the time when I go with friends I leave the restaurant still hungry.

There are a few Guu locations throughout Vancouver and one in Richmond. Michael and I didn't know where to eat after a brief shopping trip in Downtown, and we wanted to go to a place that served good food without burning a hole in the wallet. We couldn't think of any better place to go than Guu on 838 Thurlow St, just steps away from the heart of Downtown.

Front and centre!

Guu's Thurlow location is a complete Japanese experience, the staff are so full of energy, we usually sit right front and centre at the bar area, where we can see the chefs in action. We love seeing the chefs when they cook. It was a good thing we came a few minutes early, since there was already a small line up beginning to form outside.

Chicken karaage

Since it was a Japanese tapas restaurant, Michael and I shared our food. First I ordered the karaage ($5.40), fried chicken served with mayo on the side. The chicken was crispy on the outside and was a crunchy delight. The inside was moist and the meat was so smooth. I love Japanese mayo, it tastes a little different from western mayo by being a little more tangy and creamy with a stronger aroma than western mayo.

Kimchi udon

The first time I went to Guu in Gastown, my best friend ordered the kimchi udon ($7.80), and it looked fabulous, especially since she gobbled it so fast, I assume it has to be good. I ordered it this time and it arrived in a mentaiko type of sauce, which is a cod roe served with salt and red peppers. It tasted super creamy and rich. Perfect balance with the spicy kimchi. Michael and I both agreed it was delicious.

Beef short ribs

Michael also ordered his beef short rib ($5.80), no surprise there. He thought the beef was a little too salty though. It came with about six small pieces, but the flavour was a bit overwhelming for him.

Grilled scallops on bread

The best thing about tapas bars are you get to try a bit of everything, we then got into our seafood groove and ordered the hotate butter, grilled garlic and buttered scallop on onion and a bread biscuit ($5.60). It came with four small but delicious pieces of scallop and plenty of flavour from its toppings. We did have trouble keeping the scallop on the bread while picking it up though.


Next up, an order of Takoyaki ($4), dough battered balls of deep-fried octopus, something Michael and I love sharing together. I thought it tasted just like any other Takoyaki should taste like. Soft and flavourful and rolled up in a gentle ball with diced octopus inside. I liked that at Guu instead of the drizzle mayo they served a mustard drizzle. It was sour and tangy, and just tasted different.


Lastly Michael ordered the ochazuke ($4.30), which is traditionally rice and tea with flavoured toppings. Ours arrived with seaweed, flaked fish, onions, bits of pork and wasabi. The soup certainly tasted different, Michael and I both agreed it was very refreshing and light.

I think Guu is a fun place to go with friends, the more the merrier, that way there are more things to share together. We noticed many other things on the menu worth coming back for.

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