Sunday, 2 September 2012


Nooch, we finally meet you. Michael and I found about this place from the Tourism Richmond blogger awhile ago and for the longest time we've wanted to try Nooch. But I guess they're only open for lunch hours since it was always closed when we came by. We nearly gave up.

Instead, we purposefully went out early to see Nooch, located at 6900 No. 3 road right across from Richmond City Hall, to find out what all the fuss is about. Nooch seemed more like it was a little cafe than a restaurant, offering soups, sandwiches, salads and a small selections of breakfast. Feels like a perfect summer place to hang out with your friends with its bright windows and simple paintings hung here around the eatery.

When Michael and I sat down, our waitress explained to us that Nooch offers fresh and local ingredients, but they ran out of a lot of supplies just before the long weekend. The menu was very limited. Michael and I was a little disappointed because it felt like there was nothing to choose from. We both got the Soup and Panini Combination ($10), with the Caribbean Yellow Lentils soup of the day. Michael got the Ham 'N' Swiss panini, served with thin sliced ham, lemon aioli and swiss cheese.

Pesto turkey sandwich with soup

For myself, I wanted to get the spaghetti bolognaise with parmesan but no surprise, they weren't serving it. So I went with Michael's choice, the Soup and Panini combination. I got the Pesto Turkey which was served with mozzarella, and because they didn't have spinach that day, they substituted for lettuce instead.  I thought the panini was light, it wasn't filling for a hot summer day. The mozzarella wasn't overwhelming, and was just enough with the ooey gooeniess. The Turkey was thinly sliced and served nice and warm. I wouldn't say that the pesto was as flavourful as I wanted to be though.

I thought the soup wasn't too heavy and had all the natural flavors happening from the corn and lentils. But it was a little too natural and bland, so I loaded up with the salt and pepper. Michael thought the soup had a delicious blend of flavours even though it was just vegetables in the bowl.

Ham 'N' Swiss sandwich combo

Michael and I both agree that we were disappointed with Nooch, we waited for all this time to go and the menu was just not up to par when we finally got there. The menu also doesn't call out for me to return for as well. Farewell Nooch. 

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Carven said...

What is the most overrated and disappointing place you've been to?