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The Crab King

Ever since Crab Pot in Seattle, Michael has been on a mission to find somewhere that offers the same service - Food scattered on your table in front of your face, and using a hammer and smashing away.

It doesn't look big, but there's seats enough for dozens

We found Crab King literally on the water at 3540 Bayview St in Richmond, just steps away from the heart of popular weekend destination Steveston village. We checked out their menu online first and it seemed a lot simpler compared than its Seattle counterpart.

You order food at the counter, they bring it to you

The Crab King is an outdoors restaurant on a floating platform. It has the concept of a fast food place where you order food at the stand and they will bring your food to you at your table. Michael and I both agree that Crab King has a wonderful view. The outdoors restaurant is located right on the water, but when the sun goes down you better have a lamp next to you. It's dark, but also gives a romantic vibe.

Crab poutine

I saw that they served crab poutine ($8.95) and I was dying to try it. Michael's family were joining us for dinner but were running late and we were both starving. We ordered it as a snack. The french fries were crunchy and very fluffy in the inside, and even with the gravy, it didn't feel very heavy. We both agree there could have been a little more gravy and crab though. We thought the gravy could do with a touch more flavour too, but the crab was very sweet and tasted fresh, coming straight from their live tank.

Bib, mini fork and clamp

Michael's family finally arrived and we decided to share two of the Taste of the West Coast meals ($49.95). This feast wasn't dumped on the table like at Crab Pot. It arrived in a giant metal bowl, filled with dungeness crab, clams, shrimp, mussels, Yukon potatoes, corn on the cob and sausages. There was a choice of having the crab served steamed or fried and we got both. We didn't get mallets to go with the meal though, just metal clamps.  

The steamed bowl

I thought the steamed crab tasted very simple but really nice. Nothing fancy was added on except a light sprinkling of herbs. The mussels and clams tasted very fresh and the crab meat was very sweet. I thought the view of the water right affront of us was suited so well while we were dining.  Michael was amazed at how much meat was inside the crab, since dungeness crabs aren't known to be particularly meaty. 

The fried, spicy bowl

The Thai fried crab had a light sweet and sour taste at first, but there was a little heat to it that sneaks up on you that makes you want to chug a pitcher of water. The flavouring was delicious. The only bad thing would be that the heat and marinade does kind of hide the sweetness and freshness of the actual seafood. Michael like the steamed variety more since it wasn't so hot. His favourite part is getting an excuse to dip food in butter anyways. 

Crab King definitely wins on its waterfront view

We both agree that there are hits and misses between the Pot and the King. Crab Pot served bigger portions without breaking the bank and comes with three types of crab, no less. I thought Crab King had the fresher food of the two and the two types of flavour was a good bonus, but they cost a little more.

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