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Thierry, a cafe known for desserts, pastries, coffee, and lots of other decadent sweets for the heart's desire. Located at 1059 Alberni St in downtown,  a lot of people really enjoy going to this dessert heaven for its sweet and cozy ambiance, big cafe and plenty of seats. Walking in, you'll notice they have a fancy glass fence where you can see their desserts and a pastries when you line up to the cashier.

Their cafe does have a very elegant look

I think Thierry is joining the fad of Parisian cafe that serves cute desserts, and that's why I think people enjoying going to the place so much. For myself, though, I think the effort is there in trying to live up to this wonderful concept, but I felt the idea wasn't fully realized.

Michael's Americano

Pain au Chocolate is something my best friend and I love eating together, it reminds us of being in Europe again. Pain au Chocolate is like a croissant wrapped up in a chocolate inside. Creamy chocolate in the inside and flakey goodness on the outside. I had my first Pain au Chocolate at Thierry last winter when I went with a girlfriend of mine. I was a bit disappointed though, it had barely any chocolate inside and tasted a little dry.


Michael wanted to eat their Tiramisu cake. If it wasn't for Michael wanting his cake, I don't think I would have went out of my way to the cafe. The only plus was a few boutiques close by. When we arrived at Thierry seemed it was pretty busy, Michael and I had a difficult time finding a table to sit.  Michael of course got his Tiramisu($4), and he thought the thing was pretty delicious. The cake itself was moist and its creamy coffee flavour was blended perfectly. The dark chocolate lining the edges was a bit much though, and left a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Eclair and macaroon

When I was lining up with Michael I saw the chocolate eclair ($6) and I knew right away I was going to gobble that little devil up. I usually enjoy eclairs with the classic whipped cream, but at Thierry it was served with chocolate. I thought it was a little too overdosed on the chocolate this time around.

Apple iced tea

Michael got an Americano coffee and I got an apple iced tea. Michael enjoyed his drink since he was craving coffee that day, but I thought mine was so-so. Perhaps Thierry just isn't my cup of tea.

I do agree that the concept of French pastry cafes are getting really popular, and they still give off the posh vibe to the cafe and people enjoy going. But that hype of artisan desserts also serve to drive the price up in North America. I just don't think it's necessary. Part of what makes these cafes attractive in France is their affordability.  I don't think Michael is as vocal about Thierry as I am though, all he wants is Tiramisu cake.

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