Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dai Jang Kum

Sometimes figuring out where we want to eat is like pulling teeth. Finally, after deciding on an option where we didn't have to leave Richmond, Michael and I agreed we'd go for Korean barbecue at Dai Jang Kum, 3088 St. Edward Dr. Michael knew about this place from going with his family a while back, but I had yet to try it.

The hot plate grill

When we walked in it wasn't too busy, the restaurant looked quite big, and all the tables were arranged in booths with a stove each for diners to cook their meat. We decided on Combo A ($35.95), which had a combination of chicken, beef, short ribs and pork. Our waiter came and installed our stove for us, he then set up our first batch of meat on the stove, but the rest was up to us.

Our combo came with a rice and a soup each

The lightly marinated chicken and beef was very tender and juicy. We each got a small dish of something similar to a sweet soy sauce to dip the barbecue goodies. The best part was its sweetness had just the right amount, not strong enough to over power the taste of the marinating of the chicken and beef, but enough to add a new flavour.

A small salad each

Michael basically wolfed down everything else on the table. He especially loved the dipping sauce and said it just added a sweetness to the meats you don't usually taste. I know he liked cooking the meats himself too. The cooking plate does get a little charred during cooking, but the servers seem to be more than please to replace them when that happens.

Side dishes

One of the reasons Michael and I love coming to Korean barbecue restaurants is because they serve little side dishes. Dai Jang Kum did not fail. We both love the sweetened potatoes and I'd have to say the kimchi can't be beat either. Michael was really looking forward to the seaweed side dish Korean restaurants usually serve though, I guess they don't serve that at this restaurant.

We just wanted to say that we were both pleasantly surprised by the service at Dai Jang Kum, our waiter was very friendly and was quite attentive. For carnivores wanting to chow down on food that promises not to disappoint, Dai Jang Kum should definitely be a consideration.

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Anonymous said...

After reading your review, I took my sister from out of town there. Her response to dinner was 'awesome'. I'd definitely go back again. Thanks for the review.