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Mother's Bistro and Bar

Michael and I did some brainstorming Portland's tourism map and found a list of restaurants that were highly recommended. We noticed that many of the restaurants were very overpriced, but I came across one restaurant called Mother's Bistro and Bar and found numerous good reviews online.

Welcome to Mother's!

Mother's is located at 212 SW Stark St in Portland downtown. The restaurant was gorgeous and gave me the feeling of having tea at grandma's house. The place had such a cozy home environment - with beautiful chandiliers hanging down from the ceiling - and a theme of featuring a different local mother's dishes on the menu each month. Michael and I think it was so clever, and of course we knew a lot of thought and effort was put in to this.

The restaurant

Mother's menu offer a wide of range of classic comfort food that a mother would cook. To play off their mothers' theme, you'll also notice witty typical-mom quotes scattered around on the menu like, "Have you had your greens today?"
$15,000 crab cake

For appetizers, Michael ordered the $15,000 crab cake ($6.95). Our waiter was ever so kind and explained to us on just why they're so expensively titled. Turns out, the Mother's executive chef went to culinary school and spent $30,000 on tuition, but out of that she only learned two dishes, one of them the crab cakes. Our waiter even joked the crab cakes have diamonds on them. Michael thought that these were the best crab cakes ever. They were crispy on the outside but filled with crab and what seemed like bacon bits. Just a punch of flavour.

Matzo Ball soup
For myself, I'd heard from a pal of mine to try Matzo Ball soup when I get the chance and this was my first tine coming across the traditional soup. The soup tasted very fresh and light with little bits of carrots and celery. The Matzo ball was something different though, there wasn't much taste to it, but the soft texture went well with the soup. 

Mac and cheese du jour

For entree I had the macaroni and cheese du jour (13.95). Friday's mac and cheese, instead of having the classic macaroni pasta, the Mac and cheese du jour was served on bow tie pasta with bacon bits, chopped onions, sour cream and of course lots of cheese. The taste reminded me of eating food court fries with the works. But of course, this tasted much better. The cheese wasn't as thick as regular mac and cheese would be, kind of runny but the sour cream held the texture together well and added a distinctive flavour. The chopped onions helped counter the creaminess, with the bacon adding a nice crunch and meat element to the dish.
Beef pot roast

Michael ordered the "Cascade Natural" Beef Pot Roast ($18.95), boneless short rib that braised for four hours and served with rich gravy. It arrived with mashed red potatoes and seasonal vegetables on the side, and Michael was happy to see it was served in a very generous portion and fell apart easily to the fork. The mashed potatoes came with bits of onions and tasted very homemade. The corn and zucchini tasted light and simple, and seemed to be just lightly drizzled with olive oil. Simple yet creative.

After this fantastic meal, Michael and I were both really full and was ready to walk back to Canada. When we asked for the bill, instead of having the usual mint it came with two homemade cookies, a oatmeal cookie and a ginger snap cookie. I thought this was just pure genius, this idea was so mother-esque this concept was just brilliant.

Michael and I simply cannot wait to return to Mother's, the staff is great and the food is fantastic, their menu is creative and there is so much more we must try.

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