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Portland Food Carts

After discovering my love-hate relationship with street carts, Michael and the Food Network have convinced me Portland's where the food party is at. After spending a shopping date in downtown Portland, we looked up where the food cart district was, and let me say, Portland's street food scene blows Vancouver's out of the water. They have more selections, the food tastes great and most importantly, you really get your bang for the buck.

The whole street is filled with food carts

I was not a happy camper during my last experience with a Vancouver street cart, and it still boils my blood till this day that I had to pay $8 for a salad. I feel Vancouver's street scene is a complete rip-off.

Portland has three large areas surrounded by street food, basically whole square blocks of them with dozens at each location. After shopping, Michael and I walked over to the largest location at SW Washington and SW 10th Street. There were so many we made a full circle around the block until we decided.

Touchdown's BBQ

First up Michael came across a sweet lady who poked out her window asking if he wanted to try a sample of barbeque pulled pork. He had a look at several other places before deciding to stick with the sweet lady's Touchdown's BBQ shop. This little cart served classic Southern food and her approach really showed the meaning of Southern hospitality.

Fried chicken wings

Michael got Friday's special - fried chicken wings with one choices of sides ($8.95). He chose collard greens, and the dish arrived with a complimentary corn and garlic bread with ranch dressing. He thought the chicken wings were quite good, crispy, lightly breaded and extremely juicy on the inside. It was a bonus that they were full chicken wings, with drum and tip.


My turn, I saw a cart named Eurotrash and recalled this Euro devil on the Food Network on Eat St. I had to try it! Their chef went to visit Europe and brought their tastes back to America.

Piri Piri chicken

I got the Piri Piri chicken ($9), served with bacon, capers cheese and horseradish slaw. The bun was soft and the chicken and bacon had a barbeque smokey flavour. The cheese was a great addition to all the meats. The slaw tasted different and added a unique kick because of the horseradish but it wasn't overwhelming at all.

I am so in love with Portland's street food now! It's such a new take on the meaning of street food - almost like a festival every day - and their setup seems like something Vancouver is trying to recreate. But for a mere $9 I was stuffed. Portland's street scene is so intense, I simply cannot wait to try the rest.

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