Friday, 26 October 2012

Screen Door

Open up your Screen Door because they're ready for business! Michael and I are in Portland right now, the kind boyfriend he is, he thought he would take me there on a mini-trip as a birthday treat.

Screen Door restaurant and bar

Michael did some digging around to see where the local hotspots to eat were, and he found a little place called Screen Door, serving many Southern classics, such as creamy grits and jambalaya. I always see Paula Deen from Food Network making Southern food and I had always wondered when I'd be able to try it out.

Screen Door is  located at 2337 East Burnside St. in Portland, near the community of Kern. Michael and I were stuck in traffic tonight and by the time we got to the restaurant we were starving. It wasn't too packed when we arrived, but we did have to wait a little.

We got to sit beside the kitchen :)

I would say the ambiance of the restaurant was hipster-grungy, it was like the restaurant was operated out of a garage which I thought was a really cool, and is something we would rarely get to experience back home. We sat right beside the kitchen and got a really good view of where the magic happens.

Pimiento Cheese
I needed to get an appetizer to just stabilize my hunger, and since I had a cheese craving I ordered the Pimiento Cheese ($6.50), a cheese spread that had a Southern smokey Tex-Mex taste with a hint of chipotle taste. We spread the delicious cheese on crackers with sesame seeds sprinkled on top.

Fried chicken plate

For entrees, Screen Door really know how to pull out the big guns. And of course, with Southern food I have to get the fried chicken. The order of crispy fried buttermilk battered chicken ($15.75) was served with mashed potatoes, ham gravy and collards. It was my first time eating collards and it reminded me of a type of Chinese spinach. I liked the first few bites of the collards because of the sourness, but afterwards I thought it was a little much. The mashed potatoes, however, were creamy like a pureed heaven. The chicken didn't disappoint either, it had a spicy taste and the chicken was extremely tender and juicy.

Screen Door plate

Michael got the Screen Door Plate ($13.95) where he got a choice of three house sides with a slice of corn bread. His choices were fried catfish, buttery mashed potatoes, and the smoked chicken jambalaya. He didn't realize how heavy his choices were when his plate came, but he thought the catfish was done very well, made similar to fish and chips but it seemed like the dish was cooked longer, though the fish wasn't tough, and the batter had spices added to it. Their tartar sauce also tasted unique and was a lot thicker than he expected. He thought the jambalaya tasted like Thai fried rice, which was nice. But the mashed potatoes tasted very chickeny so he assumes it's from the gravy.

My Hot Lips Cherry Soda

Michael washed his meal down with a pale ale beer and I got the Hot Lips Cheery Soda. I have never tried this before and it tasted much different other soda around - it wasn't sweet at all and tasted very refreshing.

We definitely weren't the only ones who couldn't finish

After our attempt to devour this never-ending meal, Michael thinks for the amount you pay for the food is totally worth the trip. Almost everyone we saw leave the restaurant left with a doggy bag in their hands.

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