Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Seasons in the Park

We're a little late for our Thanksgiving post, but we hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and plenty of time to spend with friends and family. Michael and I decided to spend a quiet and simple night together, without the hassle of cooking, and Seasons had a set menu for this thankful holiday at just $32 per person!

The entrance is a little hidden behind trees, but well-lit at night

Seasons in the Park - literally smack centre in Vancouver's large Queen Elizabeth park - is one of my favourite places to dine. Especially during the night when there is a spectacular view of the city, and the lights are especially bright in contrast to the barely lit park all around us. I love driving there, it feels like I'm driving through a forest, a bit of a Twilight feeling, no?

A memorable view from the inside

Seasons is one of several restaurants in the Sequoia Company. We've been to just about all of them and both agree Seasons is our favourite for its price, location and quality of food. It's such a cozy environment to be in, the interior is very West Coast, with a dome shaped restaurant with wooden paneling. During the cold winter days, you can still enjoy the patio with heated lamps and chow down while enjoying the incredible city view.

Harvest salad

Our meal started off with a Harvest Salad, roasted beets with bits of crumbled goat cheese and dried cranberries mixed in with the greens, dressed with a honey mustard vinaigrette. I was hesitant about the salad because there were dried cranberries and I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to beets. But the salad turned out to be a delightful appetizer. The goat cheese added a creamy element to the salad which went well with the sour vinaigrette, and the cranberries balanced everything out with their crunch.  I absolutely loved the dressing.

Turkey entree

Thanksgiving turkey was the star of dinner, the classic bird with all the fixings. Slices of turkey, served with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, steamed vegetables and stuffing. I felt that the turkey was pretty good with the gravy drizzled on top. But later on my gravy supply fell short, and my turkey ended up tasting very dry. There is never ever enough gravy in my books. Michael agrees.

The mashed potatoes were very creamy. I would describe it as a delight so delicious that even when  my jeans were about to burst, I forced myself to finish it because it was that good. Unfortunately I was so full that I wouldn't dare try more than a few bites of the stuffing, but it was just staring back at me whispering my name. Tons of flavour from the few bites I had, very well seasoned and I loved the strong aroma of fresh herbs.

Pumpkin brulee

Moving on to dessert, we were served with pumpkin brulee accompanied with little biscottis. Brulee is one of my favourite desserts to finish off a fabulous dinner. It was, however, my first time trying the pumpkin version. I thought it tasted different, not good but not bad. I liked there was a lot of spice taste from the cinnamon and pumpkin, perfect for the taste of fall. As for the biscotti, it had a very nutty taste with cranberries mixed in, almost like a fancy granola bar.

Although I felt this Thanksgiving menu that Seasons had to offer wasn't too creative, it doesn't change the love I have for the place. I believe Seasons have a lot more to offer on their regular menu.

P.S. - Another reason to love Seasons even more is they make a killer arctic char, it'll melt in your mouth and is delicious.

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