Sunday, 14 October 2012

Thai House

Michael and I aren't the biggest fans when it comes to franchise restaurants, but we both agree that at times, you just have to settle with what's close by. We decided to go to Thai House in Richmond at 4940 No.3 Road.

Despite the Buddhist decor, the restaurant has a Western feel

Neither Michael and I tried the restaurant before. We were keen on looking at the online menu beforehand and saw that their menu looked pretty tasty. When we arrived the restuarant looked very big and had many Thai Buddhist decorations. It seemed targeted more to the Western culture than Asian diners, the staff spoke excellent English and had Western styled service. That was a first for us among Asian restaurants in Richmond.

Chicken skewers

We weren't too hungry and decided to share, starting with four Thai satay chicken skewers with peanut sauce ($9). The chicken arrived looking slightly dry, but don't be fooled - they were moist, juicy and every bite was delicious. One of the reason I love dining at southeast Asian cuisines is that they serve many of their dishes with peanut sauce, and the peanut sauce just tasted divine. On the side there was also a little dish with diced cucumbers and a onions, it added a nice sweet flavour element from the onion and coolness of the cucumbers if you put a small spoonful on the skewer

Pineapple bowl

The entree was the kaeng phed pe ses ($15.50), or more simply, the pineapple bowl. Boneless chicken in a southeastern curry, contained in half a pineapple. I thought it had a hint of coconut flavor to the curry, another reason why I love southeastern dishes, their curry always tends to be more light and made with such tropical ingredients. The flavour of the curry itself tasted really nice, with the mixed tomatos adding a little colour to the dish, onions of course, pineapple chunks and  potatoes.

We both thought the chicken was a little overcooked in this case, though, which was ironic because the dish was presented with so much flair that we assumed the chicken would have been equally as impressive. But overall, I think we would return. It looked they have a lot to choose from and everything does look really tasty. 

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