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Portland has become a city where Michael and I love dining. After a long day, we stopped at Huber's restaurant in downtown. They advertise themselves as Portland's oldest restaurant, established in 1879. Huber's is located at 411 Southwest 3rd Ave. The restaurant seems to be the bottom floor of an old building that looks like it could have been either a 19th century hotel or an apartment building.

Antique, cozy feel to the Huber's restaurant

The restaurant itself was full of character and it reminded me of a place that I went with my mom in Paris years ago in a train station. Huber's was dark inside and had old black and white pictures hung throughout the place, I feel that the restaurant has so much of a story to tell. It looked like Huber's served pretty contemporary American food, sandwiches, burgers and pastas. The turkey and ham entrees was under the specialty of the house, probably for the Christmas holidays. Since the menu was pretty straight forward, nothing really popped out to me.

Complimentary beer bread :)

For starters we were served with complimentary beer bread, cold to the touch with a slight beer taste. The bread looked very dry but looks can be deceiving, it turned out very moist and I loved how the taste reminded me of fish and chips batter.

Turkey marsala on penne

For my entree, I got the turkey marsala ($17.95). It was turkey breast that had been floured and seasoned with marjoram with penne served underneath. Usually the dish is served with fettuccine but they were out for the night. I have never had turkey served to me like this and I thought the sauce was very flavorful. I especially like the sauce generously served on top of the turkey, making every bite taste moist.

Half turkey half ham entree

Michael had the half and half ($16.50), which is half turkey and half baked ham with sage dressing and served with mashed potatoes. It came drizzled with gravy and there was cranberry sauce on the side as well. Michael thought the gravy was very tasty but the cranberry sauce wasn't too appealing. Michael thought the turkey was very moist but the ham just tasted like regular old ham. Both Michael and I agree that Huber's doesn't serve overwhelming portions but still enough to get full. We polished our plates without feeling overly stuffed.

Michael and I really enjoyed coming to Huber's because the restaurant had a lot of character from the history behind it. But other than that the menu didn't seem like it was anything too special that makes us want to return to the place for a second time.

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