Thursday, 27 December 2012

Miss Delta

Howdy partners! Since we don't get much southern love in Vancouver, I like to try as much of it as possible in Portland.

Miss Delta restaurant

Miss Delta says that they make everything from scratch and the four of us that night were all so excited to try their food. The restaurant is located at 3950 North Mississippi Ave. in Portland. The area around the restaurant seemed very adorable and had a lot of fun restaurants around the place as well. Miss Delta is a decent size with about 10 tables or more. It had old black and white pictures that showed the restaurant's past as a butcher's shop. Modernized, the restaurant was rather hipster-esque with its adorable brick walls.

My fried chicken dish

When enjoying southern food I feel I must have fried chicken. I was lucky to be able to choose two sides with my combo dish ($14), and I chose mac and cheese and coleslaw. The portion of my dinner wasn't big as Screen Door and I would have to say Miss Delta isn't as tasty as the other restaurant. The chicken was too fried, the layers of the fried chicken were very thick. When I use my knife to cut the chicken it was just all crispiness and it wasn't as meaty as I would've liked inside. I thought the meat available was moist, however. The mac and cheese was simple and I was very happy with it. I could tell it was home made, it was cheesy and surprisingly didn't feel heavy. I felt that the coleslaw was tasty as well, the dressing was creamy like a traditional coleslaw should be like and had a light horseradish taste to it as well.

Steak of the day

Michael had the steak ($16) which was no surprise at all, there are daily cuts and Mondays was sliced flank steak. It was served with blue cheese butter on top, he got mashers on the side with greens with apple vinaigrette dressed on top. He wished there was more greens but the steak was absolutely so good. He said it was tender and tasted delicious with the butter on top. It was served at a decent portion, the outside of the meat was darkened just enough and the inside was slightly pink. The mashers tasted like any other mashed potatoes with gravy, except there was a slight peppery seasoning in there with a little heat. We thought it was a unique little surprise.

Pulled pork sandwich

My best friend has always wanted to eat some good southern food. She chose the pulled pork sandwich from the Monday special ($8). She thought the pork wasn't pulled enough because there were some pork bits that were a little too big. The barbeque sauce that was dressed on the pork was delicious but a little more on the spicy side. She didn't mind it though. This was definitely a messy dinner for her. She felt that her sandwich bread should have been more enclosed, like a hot dog bun. She said the bun was a bit rough, it scratched the roof of her mouth, but towards the middle of her sandwich the bun didn't seem to be that bad after all. She also got the mashers on the side for a small extra fee ($3 cup).

Mac and cheese with sausages

Last but not least, it was her boyfriend's first time in Portland eating southern food. He had the Trashy Mac which was also the Monday special ($8). It was the traditional mac and cheese served with ambrose sausages. He thought there was a lot of strong flavours to the sausage which was particularly memorable. He also said the mac and cheese had a lot of creamy texture and it beats instant mac and cheese out of a box any day.

We'll be back, Miss Delta

I thought Miss Delta was a fun place to go with all my friends and I am eager to come back to try other southern dishes since I felt that the fried chicken was mediocre. See ya later.

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French Linguistics said...

The second mac and cheese guy sounds pretty cool. Might even be one of the coolest people I've ever read about!

marcus oliver said...

Thank you for the review!! We really appreciate it and our constantly striving to make our food and service the best it can be! We take your critiques seriously and always appreciate the input! Cheers and we at Miss Delta hope we see you again!


Allison and Michael said...

Hi Marcus! we'll definitely come back it was a blast at Miss Delta. Thank you for leaving a comment!