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Feliz cumpleaƱos amiga! It was my best gal pal's birthday recently and she wanted to go for Mexican food. I have to admit, I have never had a 'to die for' Mexican meal until I travelled to Mexico with Michael this summer, so I didn't keep my hopes too high.

Inside Pepitas

We started out on a food hunt on West 4th and had to try several restaurants before we got a table. We finally stumbled across Pepitas at 2015 Burrard St in Vancouver. I don't know about Michael, but my BFF and I were a little hesitant about the place at first. We quickly found out that everyone working at the restaurant spoke Spanish and it was a lot of fun hearing the staff talk to each other. The decor was also very Mexican-esque and was rather cute.

Chicken taco salad

Michael wanted to share something together as an appetizer and we ended up choosing the taco salad ($10.95). There was a choice between chicken, beef or refried beans. We picked chicken. The salad arrived in a crispy taco bowl, with lettuce tomatoes, olives and sour cream. I thought it tasted very fresh and surprisingly not heavy at all. The chicken was soft, moist and the tomatoes gave the salad a citrus taste. Olives sprinkled around added a further distinctive taste to, and of course sour cream topped the salad. Perfecto.

Chicken quesadillas

For our entrees, I thought the enchiladas sounded delightful but I knew the serving was going to pretty big and I wasn't insanely hungry, especially after that awesome ensalada. So I chose to go with the chicken and peppers quesadilla ($9.95). It came served with cheese which was heavenly, everything tastes better with it. I couldn't taste much of the chicken though, because there actually might've been a bit too much cheese, but the peppers added a nice crunch to the quesadilla. On the side, my quesadilla was served with guacamole and it was actually really good. The guacamole had nice overall consistency and the avocado tasted fresh and creamy. The chopped tomatoes added a bit of freshness to everything.

Beef fajitas

Michael had the Beef Fajitas ($16.75), it was a DIY Mexican project for Michael, it came in a sizzling pan and warm flour tortilla, salsa, guacamole and sour cream on the side. I snuck a little on to my plate. How can I resist sour cream when I see it? Michael thought it was nice the beef didn't come ground up. They served nice chunks of meat and Michael just piled everything up and started digging in. He said it tasted pretty good.

I really like Pepitas. I would love to go back with Michael for a second time, with just each other rather than a whole crowd. The menu and staff seem fun and most importantly, their food tastes authentic. It makes feel like I really am in Mexico all over again with Michael.

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