Friday, 21 December 2012

Portland Street Carts

Greetings Portland again friends, Michael and I are in Portland again but this time we have brought along my best gal pal and her special someone. We arrived in to Portland in the early afternoon, and after hours of driving Michael and I were so hungry. We looked for something light we could eat our little hearts out before dinner in the evening. What could be better then food carts in the city of Portland? I knew I would be back.

Taqueria Francisco

Our choices were limited this time because we arrived on a cold and rainy Sunday. I came across a Taqueria Francisco, which had menu straight forward menu serving the traditional Mexican cuisine. I had a simple soft taco flour tortilla ($2) and picked chicken out of the many meat and seafood choices. The delightful little taco came with lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and cream.

Chicken taco


There was a hint of cilantro in there, and even though I usually don't like cilantro's strong taste, I thought it tasted very refreshing mixed in the taco. The cream and guacamole added such a nice creamy element and the chicken was warm, fluffy and moist. I thought for $2 the taco was a pretty decent portion and without overwhelming my stomach. I would return for other Mexican goodness anytime from Francisco.


As for Michael, he surprisingly chose a Japanese food cart Okinoshima. We thought that the menu was very limited but it did serve a lot of the traditional Japanese street food. It had Japanese curry and savoury pancakes.
Chicken yakisoba

Michael chose the chicken yakisoba ($6) which is Japanese stir fry noodles. He said the noodles were flavorful and tasted very authentic. There was a perfect amount of spices and you could tell the chef took care in how he prepared and seasoned the dish. The noodles also didn't taste greasy at all, for the price he paid it was very well worth the money.

Again Portland food carts you didn't do us wrong. Michael and I guarantee we'll be back again real soon.

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