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Burnaby Riverway Clubhouse

It's that time year again friends, Vancouver Dine out! Michael and I both think we have a love-hate relationship with Dine Out. We love it because we get to discover other restaurants in the city we didn't know existed. But we sometimes feel that not all the restaurants are giving the "great deal" as they make it seem. Some people automatically go for the $38 menu and don't give the little unknown guy a chance, because they instantly feel their getting a bargain deal with the name brands. But I hate to break it to those people, you're not necessarily getting great food for the money you're paying.

Michael and I are doing two $18 menu and our first stop was Burnaby River Clubhouse. I love going to Burnaby other than just going to Metrotown, it reminds me of the good old days when I use to hang out at my fabulous wonderful aunt's apartment. The restaurant was at a golf course and when we first arrived we weren't sure what to do because no one came to greet us. When we finally sat down at our table, their menu was a little confusing at first because there was a three course meal with individual prices but the bottom said $18 for the tasting menu. Seemed strange it wasn't a completely separate Dine Out menu.

The dining area was pretty big with a gorgeous chandelier hanging in the middle room. There were big windows that you could see the golf field, or so I think since we there in the night time. But I am sure it would have been a nice view to dine to. They were also playing black and white movies which I loved.

Braised short rib poutine

For starters I had the root beer braised short rib poutine with white cheddar curds and beef gravy. My first bite in the french fries was fantastic. The fries were seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with a coat of light gravy to help everything go down smoothly. The cheddar was of course cheesy but I have to say I don't think there was enough of those bad boys. As for the short rib, at least one of us liked it,  I gave everything to Michael, I felt there was too much of a strong taste of the beef and I just couldn't handle it. Michael thought the short rib tasted like a pot roast and it was very juicy and tender. He thought the flavours were strong but it wasn't too overpowering.

Watermelon carpaccio with crispy chicken

For Michael's appetizer, he got the watermelon carpaccio with crispy chicken, sesame seed, with a sweet and sour chilli glaze. Michael thought the chicken was reminded him of Taiwanese style fried chicken but tasted better and a lot less greasy than the chicken we usually order at bubble tea cafes in Richmond. It was definitely done professionally.

Arctic char

For entrees I got the Pan seared arctic char with roasted red peppers risotto cake, served with spinach on the side and a citrus infused honey and cilantro coulis for a little pizzaz on the plate decor. I thought the Arctic char may have been left on the stove for a little too long. I thought the fish was on the rather dry side. But I did manage to get in a few juicy parts of the fish but not too much. The risotto cakes were roasted alright, it was rather chewy and hard than soft and I didn't taste any peppers despite the red colour of the entire cake.

Filet mignon

Michael had the bacon wrapped filet mignon with pan seared polenta, I had a taste of Michael's polenta and I thought it was very chewy and not crispy at all, like as if it was had been sitting out for awhile. But Michael thought his filet mignon was perfectly cooked. Every bite was delicious and he said he felt that he got a lot of value with this restaurant. On the menu it said the regular price for the filet mignon was only $16. It comes with two pieces and a small serving of veggies. The meat was perfectly cooked, he enjoyed every bite.

Marshmallow bread pudding

Last but not least we had dessert. I had the marshmallow bread pudding served with a hazelnut chocolate sauce and vanilla gelato, I have actually never had bread pudding, and it tasted exactly like what I thought it would be. Tasted like sweet clumpy bread. I'm not sure if that is what bread pudding should taste like but I didn't like it but I didn't hate it. I thought the sweet factor was just right. It went really nice together with the ice cream because it balanced out with hot and cold and the vanilla added some creamy texture to the bread.

White chocolate panna cotta

Michael had the white chocolate panna cotta, it was his first time eating a panna cotta as well, I for one isn't a fan of panna cotta. Michael thought the panna cotta was a little too sweet for his liking with the white chocolate but the portion was perfect.

I would love to come back to the Riverway clubhouse, it seems like its a casual chic place to dine out, the environment is very laid back. Michael and I really enjoyed ourselves when we were there. I am excited to do take 2 with Michael and see what the other restaurant has to offer. But a part from Michael, I am going with a fellow gal pal of mine at a restaurant that Michael and I visited awhile back thats tucked in Stanley park.

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