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Whip that whip, that Lickerish whip! It was our last Dine Out restaurant and we ended up going to Lickerish located at 903 Davie St. in downtown Vancouver. I always go past this place and I thought it looked like a fancy restaurant. When Michael and I went in, my first thoughts was "did I just end up on Sunset Strip?"

The lounge/restaurant was rather small and felt very cramped since there were only a few seats laid out on the first level. It had a bar appeal to it with sports channel playing in the corner. I did enjoy the funky and colourful pictures of Michael Jackson and Tupac. There was an upstairs to the place as well, with maybe six or small eight tables from what we saw.

Shanghai meatballs

Michael and I were drawn to the restaurant because their Dine Out menu seemed fun, casual, and of course it was part of the $18 menu. I must say I was pretty hungry when I got to Lickerish and I just wanted to order my food. For appetizers, I was contemplating between the Shanghai meatballs, which was dressed with their signature sweet and savoury Shanghai sauce, or the pistachio crusted brie with a crusted baguette with a strawberry butter sauce. Since I already had my eye on something cheesy for my entree, I went with the meatballs and Michael went with the brie and baguette. I thought the meatballs were just slightly dry and I needed more sauce to moisturize the meatball.

Brie and baguette

As for the sauce, I felt that it wasn't anything "signature" about it because it tasted exactly like Hong Kong barbecue pork. Michael also felt the same about the sauce as well. Michael the kind boyfriend he is, let me try the wonderful brie and baguette. I thought the baguette was lightly toasted and was perfect because I hate it when baguettes scratch the roof of my mouth. As for the pistachio crusted brie, I thought the brie tasted fine but a tad on the bland side. The pistachio crust wasn't very crunchy I felt, but the creaminess of the cheese had a really nice pairing surprisingly with the strawberry butter, with the creaminess and sweet tang from the strawberry was a pairing I never thought I would have liked. Michael loved every bite of it.

Mac & cheese

Entrees, as I mentioned earlier, I was saving myself for something cheesy of course it was mac and cheese. I just couldn't resist it, this cheesy dish was made pretty traditionally but there were tomato bits in there. I thought it was very interesting to have a touch of diced tomatoes with the cheesy pasta. It was a nice surprise. The dish was sprinkled with panco and parmesan on top. It was additionally perfect because it was oven baked and made the panco extra crunchy. I feel overall with the mac and cheese, even though there was so much cheese happening, the sauce underneath the baked panco and parmesan was a lighter cheese sauce and wasn't overwhelming at all. I would love to eat this cheesy delight again.

Cajun chicken taco pizza

Michael got the Cajun chicken taco pizza, just like a regular would be there was lettuce tomatoes, sour cream, onions, cheese, with a house made chipotle sauce and chicken. Michael thought the pizza had a nice crunchy crust and that there was plenty of chicken to enjoy. He especially liked dipping the pizza in the sour cream.

Cookies and cream

For dessert, I chose the cookies and cream option. I thought the cookie was very chocolatey and soft like a brownie. It was nice and chewy and it balanced out with the creaminess of the vanilla ice cream. But I did think the cookie was a bit hot, so it actually melted some of the ice cream. They also added whipped cream on the side, that was a nice bonus.

Deep fried Mars Bar

Michael thought the deep fried Mars Bar was a little too sweet for his liking. He didn't expect the ice cream and thought that was a good alternative. He only had a few bites of his Mars Bar though.

Now that I've finally experienced Lickerish, I feel that it doesn't deviate much from the standard bar and lounge food, like a place to drink beer and eat some wings. It would be fun to go when your wanting a good time with your friends, but if your looking for a place to spend a good Valentine's Day with a loved one, this is somewhere I wouldn't want to go.

On a side note, last week I had mentioned that I'm going to another Dine Out with a gal pal, we went to The Fishhouse tucked in the famous Stanley Park. I just had to mention this. The Fishhouse was on the $38 menu, I ordered the halibut with a pomme croquette served on the side. I felt since it is frowned upon for me to talk about my dining experiences that I didn't share with Michael, this pomme croquette needed a good recognition. The fried crunchy on the house and fluffy potatoes on the inside, it wasn't heavily seasoned the chef just let the natural flavours of the potatoes comes through. A toast to that!

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Steve Glassel said...

I've eaten at the Lickerish Lounge at 903 Davie St. a number of times & had most of their menu items. The food has always been delicious and well above standards of regular bars, pubs, & restaurants. I give the food 4.5 stars out of 5. There's an appy hour, 1/2 price from 5-7PM.
The beverages are great with daily specials.
The staff are great, courteous, competant, & friendly.
I definitely recommend Lickerish Lounge for a quick stop & snack on the way home, or an evening out, or parties. There's a DJ some evenings spinning great tunes to create a lively party mood. The decor is interesting, classy, comfortable & inviting.
Definitely check out the Lickerish Lounge for a fun evening.

The unofficial layman food & beverage critic.
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