Saturday, 23 February 2013

Memphis Blues

Howdy blues brothers and sisters, it's been awhile since Michael and I have gone out to dine because we feel that our restaurant ideas are becoming  real stale lately. We past by Memphis Blues on the busy streets of Granville and Broadway. I have heard of this place once from a gal pal of mine, they claim they have gotten a lot of recognition for their meaty goodness.

Memphis Blues is located at 1465 West Broadway in Vancouver. When we walked in there was a strong smell of barbecue sauce, I think that would be a good thing since Im sure down south people really love their barbecue ribs. There was a lot of blues music type of theme happening in the restaurant, a lot of Southern pride thats for sure. Michael and I was really confused when we were ready to order, it turns out that we had to walk up to the counter to order and pay and someone will bring our food to the table afterwards.
BBQ Pit Wings

I wasn't sure I think maybe because everything was just smoked or barbecued. I think Michael was a little torn with choices as well. He started off with the BBQ Pit wings ($8.50) , which I also munched from of course. We both agree that the chicken wings were fried too long, leaving little amounts of juice in the chicken, but the the bright side was that the seasoning for the wings were pretty nice.  It had a herby, salty, and sugary sweetness which I thought it was unique taste to fried wings.

Oyster Po'Boy with fries

 I have been craving for an oyster burger so I decided to get the oyster po'boy ($9.95), it was suppose to be served with beans and coleslaw, but I'm not a beans kind of gal, so I substituted for fries instead. My thoughts on the po'boy is pretty mixed. I think the cook didn't go far enough with pimping out the sandwich with a lot of rowdy ingredients in there because the main focus is the oyster. So it was just tomatoes and lettuce and I believe some sort of ranch dressing sauce. My first few bites in to the oyster I thought, hey this sandwich isn't all that bad, the oyster was lightly battered and fried and the bun was soft. But when I got to the core of the oyster,  it was too much oyster flavour  for me to handle, lets just say I can still taste the sea. It was a little too much. My fries, on the other hand, was probably the best highlight of my dish. It was seasoned nicely exactly how the fried chicken were but towards the I think the seasoning got to heavy with heat that my lips were going to burn off. But other than that very strong flavours!

Rib Ends Sandwich with salad

Michael on the hand got the rib ends sandwich with greens ($9.95). He substituted his side for a salad which I also got to taste, it was accompanied with a vinaigrette, I for one love my vinegar, for those who don't me I LOVE vinegar, but this vinaigrette was too strong for me. I just cringed when I tried and I got that unappealing scratchy feeling on my teeth. Yikes! Michael thought his sandwich was a little too dry as well. He thought the BBQ flavour was overpowering and he finished his coke and another glass of water before he was halfway done his sandwich.

On an unrelated note, Michael and I think Memphis Blues need a better ventilation system in the restaurant. It got so smokey in there I felt like I couldn't breath. We left the restaurant with that unappealing smokey after smell of the restaurant on our clothes. Both Michael and I are pretty sure we won't be returning to Memphis Blues anytime soon, there is nothing too special to their menu and we're not sure where all its recognition comes from. 

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