Friday, 15 March 2013

Chef Hung Beef Noodle

Midterm? Check. Term paper? Check. Now on to the fun stuff! We decided to check out Chef Hung Beef Noodle at Aberdeen Center after I heard some of my friends mention about the place. The restaurant is on the second floor of the 4151 Hazelbridge Way mall.

The restaurant has always attracted me because they have a moving chopstick on a bowl as display in the front. There is a big window for people to see how they make their noodles, so you know everything is handmade. The restaurant was very spacious and I loved the big windows that looked down at the mall entrance. The restaurant also had a DYI menu similar to one of the restaurants we've gone in the past Deer Garden.

Chef Hung's Taiwanese-style chicken nuggets

When Michael and I go out for bubble tea one of his favourite dishes is to eat is to get taiwanese chicken nuggets. We decided to share Chef Hung's version, for one it tasted much more different from the usual bubble tea chicken nuggets. Although it was fried chicken, it didn't taste so greasy that it felt like our hearts were going to stop beating. It was lightly seasoned with salt, covered with a light, crispy bread coating. While it wasn't heavily seasoned, the chicken was very moist and juicy.

Flat noodles with ground pork sauce and veggies

I usually don't like noodles in soup because I feel the soup dilutes everything. I decided to pick the noodle with ground pork sauce option instead ($6.95). I loved the texture of the noodles, it was thick with a rich natural flavour of the dough. I loved the taste of fresh cut noodles. As for the ground pork sauce, I love this sauce in rice or in noodles, either way with this heaven made sauce it wonderful. It's like an Asian gravy and goes well with everything. It's also not as heavy as gravy but it has a strong soy sauce like taste. The noodles went super with the pork and sauce together, very smooth and with distinct flavour.

Michael had the beef brisket with five types of veggies in broth ($7.95). The broth itself was clear, not oily and perfectly suitable to sip on. He really liked the flat noodles, since they were made by hand, the noodles have a irregular shape and thickness. The flat noodles were wider than most noodles he was used to. There was plenty of beef brisket in the dish and enough veggies to give the bowl a little variety. His only complaint was that he wished there were more noodles.

Milk tea with grass jelly

We also decided to get bubble tea for the fun of it I got the oolong milk tea ($4.20) and Michael got the grass jelly roasted milk tea. Michael and I both agree that the bubble tea is less sweet than the usual kind we get at other places. It tasted more crisp and sat lighter in the stomach, which made the drink more enjoyable. I thought the drinks were a lovely balance to our meal.

We both think that Chef Hung, whoever he is, really knows his noodles! I for one can't wait to go back and try more of what his award winning menu has to offer!

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