Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cheesecake Etc

Got room for dessert? Well come on down to Cheesecake Etc! I have always thought about going to this place but then Michael read online reviews a lot of people said that the cheesecake had no buttery graham cracker crust. So Michael had thought it would be a terrible idea to go.

Fast forward two years later, we gave it a shot after scratching our heads about a late night dessert place to go to with a few friends. Cheesecake Etc is located at 2141 Granville St., right before the bridge entering to the downtown Vancouver peninsula. It's a pretty hidden location and when you go inside there is a strange curtain that separates the entrance and the actual restaurant. That curtain really just freaked us out, because the restaurant is so dim, having the entrance area behind the curtain kind of made me feel like being in a dark box.

Marshmallow mocha

Inside the restaurant it was actually quite big with a singing piano player. The ambiance was quite the romantic one that's for sure, every table had a candle lit up. I am actually not the biggest cheesecake fan, I just find it strange that cheese in a cake form for dessert is strange. I actually prefer the ordinary grocery store made cheesecake. Now thats delicious! My order was pretty much diabetes waiting to happen - the cinnamon sugar French bread ($4.50) with their drink special, the marshmallow mocha (about $3).

Cinnamon sugar French bread

I love love love cinnamon, but I really did wish that they'd use a softer bread instead of having the cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top of a hard baguette. It was baguette and sprinkled with cinnamon and then toasted again. A little too much toasting for me. I had a pretty tough time cutting it into pieces to eat the thing. Michael ended up helping me out. The cinnamon sugar taste divine, exactly what cinnamon sugar should taste like - sweet with a hint of spice. Everything was perfect except the crusty old baguette.

As for my drink yum! it was chocolaty with extra whipped cream on top, could a gal ask for more?

Chocolate cheesecake

Michael got the chocolate cheesecake ($5.75) and ended up changing his mind about the whole crust thing. It really wasn't a big deal. He was surprised by the serving size, the portion was a bit bigger than  expected, but that's a good thing. As for the taste, thought the cheesecake was super soft and wasn't so sweet that he had to constantly hit his beverage, which was a plain ole cappuccino ($3). I had a little taste of his cake too. First of all, I thought it was strange that there was no base to the cake at all. I actually thought the cake was a little too sweet for my liking. Perhaps it's the cheesecake tartness.

I don't mind Cheesecake Etc maybe because I had such a great time with friends, but I think for a dessert restaurant its pretty mediocre. I think I am still up in the air about the place.

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