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Kypriaki Norte

After a long day of driving and walking around Whistler village, we decided to return to our hotel room to relax and brainstorm where we could go for dinner.  I wasn't sure if I was hungry at all, Michael thought we had our oyster snack a little too late in the day so he wasn't too hungry.

Kypriaki Norte

We finally settled for a Greek restaurant, Kypriaki that wasn't too far from where we were staying at 4122 Village Green. The reviews were hit and miss with place but we thought we should take a chance. Since we already get fabulous Greek food from our favorite Greek man we rarely go anywhere else for Mediterranean, if we do it would feel like we're cheating on George.


When we arrived I thought the place looked a tad tacky and dodgy. Their decor was around the restaurant screamed out loud and busy. There was statues and hanging flower plants in every corner and bright paintings on the wall. I thought to myself, alright, they may not know how to decorate but hopefully they can cook.

Originally I was going to get a light appetizer and their chicken penne with a creamy rose sauce. It sounded safe, but I thought since I'm at a Greek restaurant I wanted the Mediterranean flavours. Lots of strong citrus and herb taste. Michael said that he was going to get their three course menu ($35) and I thought sure why not, I'll do the same.

Complimentary bread

Our seat looked directly into their dimly lit kitchen and we could see some of the chefs do their thing. We can also see the waitresses cut the bread for diners, using their bare hands. I thought they should've done that out of view of the guests or used a cloth or gloves, especially when one of them was playing with her hair right before she cut the bread.

When our bread arrived at our table, I just a poked a mini hole in the middle and dipped it in the balsamic vinegar and olive oil that was served along side. It didn't taste very good though.

Lobster and butternut squash soup

For the two starting dishes Michael and I got the same dishes. We both got the lobster and butternut squash soup. I thought it tasted like any cream based soup, a neither here nor there. There was a faint taste of well, something, it didn't taste like lobster or squash. I fished out some chunky bits of what may have been lobster pieces but I wasn't sure what I could make out of it. Let's hope it was lobster. The soup was just a mere "meh."

Greek salad

For our second dish we both got the Greek salad, which tasted pretty generic I found, just the classic cucumbers, red onions, olives, tomatoes and peppers with olive oil and feta cheese sprinkles all around. Michael thought he really liked the salad, it tasted light and refreshing. He thought it was the best part of the meal, since there was a whole bunch of cheese and lots of veg for him to munch. For myself it was another mediocre salad to me. I thought there wasn't much flavouring to this salad dish.

Roasted lamb with roasted potatoes and vegetables

For the entree,  Michael got the roasted lamb with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables, with tzatiki on the side, which everyone raved about in the reviews. The vegetables that came on the side were nothing spectacular, but he thought the dish was huge for its price, easily enough to feed two. The meat was definitely fall-off-the-bone, but Michael thought the flavouring was a bit too powerful for his liking. He ended up being unable to finish the dish since he was too full.

Roast chicken with goat cheese stuffing

For my entree, I got the roast chicken with goat cheese stuffing, with potatoes and steamed vegetables on the side. A perfect oven roasted chicken, in my opinion, would be a light-crispy exterior with juicy goodness oozing out. Just let the natural flavours flow, let the chicken fat do its magic, and toss on a light seasoning of basic salt and pepper, no more. My chicken at Kypriaki was so burned it shattered in to pieces when I poked it with my fork. Definitely overcooked and dry. The goat cheese seemed as if it had not melted and sat in the chicken in curds, and was absolutely incompatible with the overdone chicken. Since the chicken was dry, I stole Michael's tzatiki sauce, which was probably the only thing that was right about the dish for the night.

We took a chance, but clearly our luck dried up, for myself at least. I know Michael really liked his lamb, but that wasn't a surprise since everyone wrote in their reviews that the lamb is the only thing that is good. I would suggest giving Kypriaki a pass.

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