Sunday, 1 September 2013

La Bocca

Here's another one for the little village of Whistler. Michael and I roamed around the village late morning after checking out from our hotel. We found many of the restaurants offered the familiar selections of west coast food, especially breakfast. Awhile back when Michael and I had gone to Whistler for a mini vacation, I remember Michael didn't eat a lot for breakfast when we went to a diner-esque type of a place. So I was surprised that Michael wanted to eat a traditional breakfast with me.

We came across La Bocca, I read about the place the previous night when we were debating where to go for dinner. They are also known for their gelato which is separated from the actual restaurant. There wasn't much a wait when we arrived but there was a line up that was starting to form after we finished. So it was a good thing that we went early!

When we sat down it took our waiter quite a while to come and greet us, take down our drinks, and whatnot. When he finally came to us, Michael and I felt he was a little awkward, maybe he was new to the restaurant industry? One example: when we first ordered our coffees and he came to our table to deliver our coffees he threw the sugar down on to the table, which left me a little stunned.

Meatless Benedict

For our breakfast I wasn't sure what I was feeling. Hmm salty or sweet?  I definitely wanted something easy on the stomach, I have had horrendous pancakes before so I thought I'd better not take a chance. I went with the meatless Benedict ($11). It was served with spinach with tomatoes, and a poached egg. The benedict overall was good and light enough for me to take on in the morning. Although I had hoped that there would be more hollandaise sauce because towards the end my English muffin went a little dry. Also I would have liked to dip my potato wedges in it. The spinach was sauteed pretty good it wasn't too soggy and it went well with the poached egg. I love having poached eggs and seeing the yolk ooze out it always just makes me happy.

BC Benedict

Michael had the BC Benedict ($13) a traditional eggs Benedict served with wild salmon. He never really eats Benedicts so it was nice to here that he really enjoyed it. He thought they would have been better off using whole slices of smoked salmon instead of using shredded salmon. But overall he really enjoyed his dish and would definitely go back.

Other than our weird waiter I really liked La Bocca, I am eager to try their lunch and dinner menu. Although it looks like all the other places in the Whistler village, their menu seems like they have a dash of sophistication but shouts fun at the same time. Of course I would love to try their gelato as well!

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