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Pike Place Chowder

Nothing beats a little sisterly love in my favourite city, Seattle. I was down in Seattle with Micheal and my best friend a little while ago as a farewell to summer. We went to walk around Pacific Mall, where my all time favorite department store is located. After shopping we went upstairs hoping we can get a light snack. Our trio came across a quaint little area called the Pike Place Chowder, it looked like they had the light snack we were looking for.

Pike Place Chowder

Michael got a chowder combo that came with a sandwich and a drink. Where my best friend shared a fish taco with nachos and pinco de gallo on the side. I had a few sips of Michael's chowder and we both really enjoyed it. Michael said that the next time we came back to Seattle, he would want to have a full on meal from the place.

Michael and I ended up coming back to the Pike Place Chowder a month later and we went to the actual chowder located at the famous Pike Place Market at 1530 Post Alley. It was a little confusing for us to find the place, we made a little walk in to the market before stumbling across the chowder place.

Just a place to grab a quick bite

Michael and I wouldn't call it an actual restaurant, it seemed like it was more of just a casual little place where people would get their food and go. We would line up and choose what kind of chowder we wanted and if you wanted a sandwich they would make it for you and it was pretty quick. No actual restaurant service we'd say.

Our chowders and the dungeness crab roll

Michael and I ordered combo #2 for $12.95 each, but we up-sized our chowder to large for $2 more.
Our combo consisted of a dungeness crab roll and a bottomless fountain drink. I got the salmon chowder and Michael got the seafood bisque. At first we were both scratching our heads which was who's soup because they both looked the same.

A salmon chowder consisted of salmon, capers, and cream cheese. But I didn't spot on any capers in there what did I see in my chowder was a lot of seafood bisque flavors. But to be honest I think the man who scooped our soup didn't hear us properly and gave us two seafood bisque instead. A seafood bisque contained pacific cod, salmon, shrimp, crab, with tomatoes, and basil. Even though it wasn't the chowder that I ordered, I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I quite liked my chowder, and even though there were a lot of heavy ingredients, it tasted light still with the creamy element in there. I thought there could've been more punch though because there weren't a lot of strong flavours that jumped out.

Michael had been waiting a while to come back ever since he tried the chowder the first time. What he likes to do is take dungeness crab meat from the crab roll sandwich into the chowder to add even more thickness to the chowder. I think he preferred the New England clam chowder that he ordered last time more than the seafood bisque. But he still thought every slurp was delicious and was really happy to find out that they sell chowder by take-home buckets as well. Unfortunately, we didn't have a cooler in the car this time to get it home.

Overflowing with crab meat

I would say that I enjoyed my crab roll much more, the crab tasted very fresh and chopped celery that gave it a kick of flavor. Of course all crabs needs a little citrus action somewhere in there. There was also a hint of lemon juice in there to emphasize the crabs fresh taste. Michael ordered this sandwich last time as well. He thinks the best part is they put loads of fresh crab on top of the roll, just piles and piles overflowing from the top. He also agrees the chopped celery was perfect with the crab, adds that extra bit of crunch and volume to the crab.

I would say Michael and I had enjoyed our time at the chowder place it was a casual and relaxing environment to be. Before we left I dropped in $3 in the tip jar and returned to my seat. Michael and I heard the man behind the counter say "wow three whole dollars!" in a sarcastic manner. Michael and I were quite uncomfortable with that comment that he made as we were sitting only a metre away from the counter. I felt our dining experience went about twenty five steps backwards and left a really sour taste in my mouth after what he said.

As I said in the beginning, there was no actual traditional restaurant, we didn't get a server that came to us and asked how our food was or asked if we wanted water. It's strictly a casual hang out spot where people sit and eat and then go. Our bill came out to be about $30 and I'd say $3 is pretty generous for us to give them as they didn't technically "serve" us. Also I felt it was extremely rude and disregarding to the customer for the man to say that in front of us. I don't know whether I'd go back to Pike Place Chowder again, and if I do I don't think I'd go any time soon.

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